Artists turning intimate objects into very real-looking food is something we've all seen before, but an artist from Japan just cooked up some pieces that may be the most realistic of them all. And what's craziest about his work, is that no matter how long you look at the photos of his awesome creations, you'll never guess what he made them with.

Seiji Kawasaki is an artist from Shizuoka, Japan who's now becoming known around the world for his super-realistic looking food pieces that look perfectly good enough to eat. But take one bite of the piece of bread, and you're guaranteed a trip to the dentist, because all of his food is actually made out of wood! As a wood-carving artist, Seiji is able to come up with anything from a plump, mouth-watering shrimp to some freshly baked croissants, all in a matter of two to three hours. That's awfully fast for how much carving and painting he has to do to make wood look like something you'd want to put in your mouth. For the first time in my life, looking at wood is actually making me hungry.

Seiji has been featured on Japanese publications and television, but now his work is being introduced to the world through social media and various other news outlets. For more of Seiji's awesome creations, check out his Twitter account at He has photos of the food-making process, and it really is incredible. Of course he has non-food works on there, as well, like a cute little dog that he carved, who, by the way, I'd probably try to pet if I saw chilling in a park. 

Without further ado, take a look at Meiji's wooden food below. Absolutely delicious! 


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