A contemporary tattoo artist from Seoul has been catching the attention of body art enthusiasts from around the world, with her nature-inspired water coloring and minimalist approach. The fine detail on her tattoos, some of which are drawn on her subjects' ears, are subtle and stunning, making her one of the most in-demand tattoo artists in all of Korea.

Known by the name Zihee, this contemporary artist is a rising star, making her impression in the tattoo world with her signature mix of graphic, watercolor, and abstract style of inking. Her minimalist and almost quiet designs are the exact opposite of most mainstream style of tattoos, most of which are loud in both color and design. The artwork she does on her subjects' ears are mind-blowing, simple, fine in detail and high in quality. She of course tattoos all over the body, as you can see in examples of her other work below. 

Despite traveling around the world to do some guest work every so often, she is based in Seoul, so if you're ever in Korea, and find yourself wanting some beautiful and subtle work done (or if you want to go all out), Zihee may be just the artist for you. Follow her work on her Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/zihee_tattoo/. 


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