On May 12th, Lee Min Ho will start fulfilling his obligation to country by enlisting in the military. Fans in Asia and around the world will no doubt miss seeing his face for the next two years, so as a little present, Korean brand Innisfree just shared a video and photos of the 29-year-old actor relaxing in Jeju as he prepares to become a public service officer.

As most Hallyu fans can attest, one of the worst things about being so invested in your favorite male Korean stars is that one day (if they haven't already), they will announce that they will be enlisting in the military, which means that they will literally be disappearing from public view for two long years during the peak of their young adult lives and possibly careers. But there's nothing anyone can do, it's a part of Korean life, and that's just the way it is.

Come tomorrow, on May 12th, Lee Min Ho will formally enlist at the Gangnam-gu Office. He will start training right away, and will serve his country for the next 24 months. Not only will he be missed for the obvious reasons, but the star actor has always been active in various charitable organizations, of which he promises to continue being involved with. 

Making it seem as though he was saying goodbye (but only for now), Korean brand Innisfree just released a set of photos and a video of Lee Min Ho on the island of Jeju, where he shot the brand's latest campaign. The photos show him relaxing, in nature, as if taking in all the freedom and beauty of life before his mandatory military service.

In Korea, a man's gotta really do what a man's gotta do. 


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