Apparently, having beautiful hair and looking good is not only a human concern. Ever since he arrived from the Democratic Republic of the Congo over ten years ago, a handsome male lion living in a Czech zoo has been impressing visitors with his all-natural, overflowing mane.

His name is Leon, and he flaunts his good looks and impressive mane at the Usti nad Labem Zoo in the Czech Republic. Maybe it's the fact that living in a zoo affords him the luxury of looking good. After all, having to hunt and survive in the kill-or-be-killed wilderness would probably make a lion forget rather quickly about the need to worry about appearances. I can just imagine other jealous lions attacking him, knowing that their females might be attracted to Leon for his Fabio-like sexiness. But at the zoo, there's no concern for that. Leo lives with his sister Ronja and another female lion named Kivu. 

So that's the life of Leon. Just getting free food, hanging out with his sister and her friend, and looking sexy for all the visitors. 

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