What's been happening to In Time with You's leading stars Ariel Lin, Bolin Chen, Andrea Chen, and Sunny Wang? The award-winning Taiwanese romance drama became such a hit that it was even remade into a Korean version (The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days) recently. Let's catch up with these stars' real life romances.

1. Bolin Chen - The handsome star is still known as "Da Ren Ge" (similar to Da Ren Oppa) by In Time with You's forever fans. Bolin had a confirmed girlfriend a few years ago but is now single and available. The hot actor is turning 32 on August 27. 

He posted this enticing photo on August 20 for Chinese Valentine's Day, known as 7-7 based on the lunar calendar.

He was recently linked to Ha Ji Won (star of The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days) because of very similar posts to their social media accounts. Both sides have publicly denied the possible relationship, saying the two stars have only met in person once. It's quite interesting too that the latest (confirmed) news reported that Bolin is studying hard at Korean.

Actually, the reason that Bolin Chen is studying Korean is for his new movie with Korean actress Son Ye Jin, Bad Guys Always Die, to be released in October 2015. 

2. Ariel Lin - Ariel was in a steady relationship with her non-celebrity boyfriend who patiently waited for her for many years. They finally married in a wedding full of traditional fanfare in Taiwan on Christmas Eve in Taipei, Taiwan last year.

(Guess who else was standing next to the bride?)

Here's what she posted for Chinese Valentine's Day:

Ariel continues to be very busy. Her new movie, Another Woman, will be released in October. In Time with You fans should be excited to know that she and Bolin Chen are co-starring in a new Chinese movie, Go Lala Go 2. Here's a photo posted by Ariel showing her reuniting with Bolin Chen:

Ariel has said that she will work hard at making her long-distance marriage work. Her husband lives in Los Angeles, and Ariel has from time to time been spotted by lucky fans in California.

3. Andrea Chen - The lovely model-actress played Maggie, who wanted to find a boyfriend based on a set of criteria. For her debut performance as an actress, she successfully made In Time with You fans resent her character's attempt to date Bolin Chen's Li Da Ren.

The very likable 27-year-old actress just completed I'm Sorry, I Love You (aka My Ghost Friend,) a fantasy romance comedy series co-starring Jasper Liu (When I See You Again) as one of her two leading men.

In real life, Andrea said that it's difficult for her to date, not that she hasn't tried. Whenever her date notices the paparazzi, it's usually the last she'll see him. Her career has been on the rise ever since In Time with You, so she's probably too busy to worry about her dating life, but come on, let's hope a guy will work up the courage to date the beautiful Andrea.

4. Sunny Wang - It was no doubt that Sunny's enigmatic character helped inject the critical tension to In Time with You. Known as a "Diva Killer" for years because of his string of romances with beautiful and popular actresses, Sunny is no longer available because he got engaged to 29-year-old singer Dominique "Dizzy Dizzo" Cai.

Sunny's engagement came as a surprise because it arrived just a short time after his surprise breakup from his co-star from the Chinese version of We Got Married

Sunny and Dominique had actually dated before for 2 years. Sunny revealed that when he met Dominique again after 8 years, they chatted about their dreams and both dreamed of seeing whale sharks in the deep sea. That's when Sunny realized Dominique was his true soulmate. Dominique also admitted she had never forgotten Sunny. They plan to be married by the end of the year. According to the latest report, they have already decided on when and where, but Sunny said he is letting Dominique decide on the announcement. How sweet!

Best wishes for these beloved stars in their real-life romance. 

However, fans probably wouldn't mind if Bolin Chen will stay single and available for a while. What do you think?

Watch the stars in their hit series In Time with You:


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