"What if Superman was born in the 16th Century? What if Catwoman were a duchess? And how might Van Eyck have portrayed Snow White?"

These are the questions that French photographer Sacha Goldberger asks on his website and answered this past weekend with his amazing exhibit at the international Paris Photo 2014 Photography Fair, held at the Grand Palais. He literally took the superheroes and villains, Disney heroines, and Star Wars characters that he and many of us discovered in our childhoods back to the Elizabethan Era with his new Super Flemish series.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these portraits.

Holy William Shakespeare, Batman!

Darth Vader



Snow White

For the project, Sacha used cosmetics, wigs, and a small army of people (costume designers, hair stylists, make-up artists and specialists) to turn living, breathing people into the icons of American culture you see here. In addition, he used light, shadow, and photographic genius to capture the centuries-old Flemish painting style of each shot. 

It might seem that mannequins or photoshopping are at play here, but they're not. You might think you're looking at Christopher Reeve, Carrie Fisher, Burt Ward (Robin), and Lou Ferrigno, but you're NOT. That's Jonathan Tuil, Sabine Graissaguel, Gregoire Thoby, and Jamel Elgharbi with their real faces (they're not wearing masks) transformed with make-up and lighting only.

It's ALL cosplay!


The Incredible Hulk



Princess Leia

Sacha is represented by the School Gallery Paris | Olivier Castaing and specializes in fashion and advertising. His work has been exhibited in Parisian galleries, international festivals, and magazines since 2008, and he has two published photo books under his belt. You can see a list of the 100+ people who were involved in Super Flemish and some of the cosplayers with their character portraits on Sacha's Facebook page.

The texture of Iron Man's mask reminds me of silk brocade from the Renaissance, a nice touch. Sacha even decided to include Wonder Woman's golden lasso. Sweet!

This is only a sample of the portraits. You can see all 39 of them and more on Sacha's professional website. I'd love to own one, but my Spidey-sense is telling me that they cost a pretty penny.

The characters are perfectly envisioned, don't you think?

Wonder Woman




Alice in Wonderland

Captain America

Image credits: Sacha Goldberger Photography, Polka Magazine's Facebook

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