Swiss adventurer Yves Rossy might be a bird, a plane, and a superhero all in one. Nicknamed the "Jetman," Rossy strapped on a jet pack and flew around Japan's Mount Fuji nine times in one week. Reaching heights of 12,000 feet, each flight lasted roughly 10 minutes as Rossy traveled at a speed of 190 miles per hour.

The "Jetman's" flights began by nosediving out of a helicopter and then powering up the four-engined jet back that was strapped onto his back. Check out the video of one of his flights below as the Swiss International Air Lines captain makes us wonder whether or not he is actually Superman.

Wow! This is a human being and not a yellow bird.

Sir, are you the Batman?

He's thinking, "Ahh, just another day of flying around a mountain."