Last October, we told you about the Cat Ear Headphones that netizens just couldn't get enough of. If you're wondering just how much the Internet fell in love with the Cat Ear Headphones, consider that the initial Axent Wear IndieGogo page asked for $250,000 for the invention and ended up raising $2.9 million! 

Fortunately, the company got the message and have set a price and date for when the chic headphones go on sale. The Japanese retailer Domore Shop is currently accepting preorders for the headphones that come in purple, red, blue, and green. 

The headphones cost 27,000 yen (roughly $230), and as of right now, the expected delivery date is September of this year. Even though that might seem far away, I would highly suggest that if you are interested in these headphones, you grab them as soon as possible because all signs point to the innovative ear wear being a massive success. 

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