Nell Nell revealed a teaser trailer for their new music video, "Ocean of Light." At midnight on June 6, the teaser trailer for the group’s title song "Ocean of Light" for their new album Escaping Gravity, was released on both the official homepage and their official YouTube channel. In the unveiled teaser trailer, Nell gives an explosive performance on a stage full of water, immersed in fog while getting drenched from the rain. The official music video of the summer-filled teaser video will be released on June 10, the same day as the album release date. Nell’s member Kim Jong Wan posted the tracklist of the upcoming album on his Twitter page on June 4. The tracklist presented, including title song, “Ocean of Light,” consists of five other songs: “BoyX”, “Perfect”, “Burn,” “Haven,” and “Walk out.” The band’s agency, Woolim Entertainment confidently stated, “We assure you that this title song will be a satisfying song to everyone -- including long-time Nell fans as well as newcomers.” The album, Escaping Gravity, will be the second album following last year’s Holding unto Gravity, of Gravity 3 Trilogy series. With the release of their new album on the 10th, Nell will be doing full-fledged album promotions. A day prior to the release date on the 9th, the band will be performing at the Rainbow Festival on Nami Island. Check out the teaser here: Yay! Who's excited? Raise your hand! (source: nate news, youtube)