You'd be tired too, if you were 74 years old when World War II ended, and you were still alive today, in 2016. That's the claim made by Mbah Gotho, an Indonesian man who may be the oldest human being in recorded history.

They say life's too short, but for Mbah Gotho, who hails from the town of Sragen on the island of Java in Indonesia, life is just way too damn long. Said to be born on December 31st, 1870, Mbah has lived more than two average human lifetimes. But according to the man himself, living that long is not all that it's cracked up to be. His fourth and last beloved wife died in 1988, and all of his children have already passed on as well. He is currently under the care of his grandchildren, having to be spoon-fed and bathed everyday. No longer able to see, Mbah spends his time laying down and listening to the radio instead of watching television. Once and still a proud man, this is not the ideal situation for Mbah. "What I want is to die," he said last week. Sad to say, that was his answer when asked by a reporter if he had anything else he wanted in life.

Despite doubts from all around, Mbah and local officials have provided documentation that proves his age, such as an official identification card, which has been posted online. But until these documents get independently verified, Mbah cannot officially be named the oldest person on the world. Not that he cares anymore. He's supposedly lived 145 years, and he has nothing to prove to anybody. When asked what allowed him to live such a long life, Mbah answered, "A lot of patience."

For the rest of us, maybe life's not too short after all.

Official ID!

He's like, "Yeah, whatever . . ."

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