Two separate incidences at sea are baffling Japanese fishermen and scientists alike. A large haul of a rarely seen deep-sea fish in Kochi Prefecture, and 30 times the yearly average of a rare blowfish caught in one day in Fukui Prefecture. So what is going on?

The first incident in Kochi involved hordes of a very rare deep-sea fish caught in the fishing nets of local fishermen. A total of 105 weird looking, mysterious "hotaieso" fish suddenly came up with the nets. Fishermen who have been out at sea every day for 40 years or more are baffled. So are scientists. "With such a rare event, you have to look at all possibilities," said one scientist. All the fish but one came up dead, and the one surviving Hotaieso is said to be very weak.

The same day in Fukui Prefecture, a rare type of blowfish, "mafugu," was caught in abundance, totaling 46 tons. The average number caught is usually 200 kilos a day. The fishermen here were more than pleased with the large haul, but also bothered by the strange occurrence. "I've been a fisherman for over 50 years, and I've never seen anything like this," said a local. "The only way to know what's really going on is to ask the fish."

These two incidents have sparked rumors of a large, impending earthquake and/or talks of radiation in the ocean. Whatever it is, if local fishermen have never seen anything like this, it's probably worth taking note of.