Last weekend, MTVK hosted an incredible Infinite pre-concert showcase here in New York City, and DramaFever was lucky enough to be able to attend and see these amazing guys in action in an intimate setting! Here are some of our favorite moments of the evening surrounded by other Inspirits.

After handing out donuts and DramaFever merchandise to Infinite's loyal fans who were waiting in line, we were able to go inside and hang out with Hoya for a little while. This guy knows how to do fan service! He was so great at saying hi to the fans and posing for endless photos.

He's so nice, and we were particularly excited to meet him because he stars in one of our favorite K-dramas that we stream here at DramaFever, Answer Me 1997. We told him about how we stream K-dramas in English, including his, and he was really happy to hear about how much all his international fans love his work!

After Hoya went back upstairs to hang out with the Infinite members in the loft, we all waited excitedly for the whole band to come down for the show. They all looked amazing in their coordinating costumes as they came down the stairs, and they are just as hot and adorable in real life as they are in their music videos!

When we told Lee Sung Jong we are big fans of his, he told us, "You are my princesses!" asdjbfkbfdbgkrsnblks

L has the sexy stare down...

...but he also can't hide his little boy charm!

Nam Woo Hyun's got the style...

...and he's not afraid to show it!

Lee Sung Yeol is so chill and relaxed before the big show.

And Hoya's still charming the crowd!

Kim Sung Kyu listened attentively as Jang Dong Woo said something all the other band members find hilarious. Don't they have the cutest smiles?! You'll have to tune into MTVK's broadcast to find out what they said!

Hoya and Jang Dong Woo show off their best dance moves to make all the fangirls and fanboys scream!

One fan asked the group what each of their favorite choreographies are, so each member separately showed us their best move. L pretty much just stood up and laughed shyly. CUTEST!

When the MTVK host asked one fan who her favorite member was, she answered Hoya, and he was so excited that he couldn't help but hug her! LUCKIEST GIRL EVER!!! The other members cheered him on.

During the interview I, of course, took about a million photos. Since I couldn't put them all in here, here are my favorite faces each Infinite member made. Nam Woo Hyun sticks out his little tongue, Jang Dong Woo growls and says, "Who me?!", L laughs adorably, Lee Sung Jong makes the cutest pouty face in the world and gets a little hot under the collar, Kim Sung Kyu has the cutest eye smile, Hoya is amazed at the whole thing, and Lee Sung Yeol is not amused! So funny and adorable!

Then it was time for the show!

Infinite played two songs and dazzled us with what they're known best for, their dance moves.

Kim Sung Kyu's voice makes me melt!

Work it boys!

Nam Woo Hyun gives it his all.

I'm pretty sure this is the part where I got a nosebleed.

This is the pose I just can't get enough of from Lee Sung Yeol!

They just sang their hearts out for the fans!

Even the fanboys and fangirls outside could feel the love!

They showed us that they're truly some of the best dancers in the industry.

And why they have millions of fans who just can't get enough!

Thanks for a great show Infinite!

They are so talented and they put on an incredible, fun show! We were all sad when it was over, but were so happy that MTVK and Infinite did this for the fans.

MTVK did an amazing job hosting the Infinite pre-concert showcase, and truly made it a night to remember! Stay tuned to watch the entire broadcast on MTVK, and make sure to like MTK's page on Facebook and follow them on their Twitter @MTVK to stay up to date on the hottest K-pop news.

I don't know about you, but seeing these photos just makes me fall in love with the boys of Infinite a million times more! Not to mention that they truly are the nicest guys in real life and really care about their fans. Which photos are your favorite? Comment below, and make sure to share this with other Inspirits!