INFINITE H are currently promoting “Special Girl” from their debut album Fly High. During a shoot for @star1's February issue, the boys shared what they find attractive in someone who's their ideal type: Dongwoo: “I think my ideal type constantly changes. My latest ideal type is someone who looks good in all kinds of hairstyles. Someone who looks good when she has long natural hair, ties up her hair, and dyes her hair, and someone who [naturally] looks good in different clothing styles. I can adjust to her personality.” Hoya: “Lately, I’ve been attracted to people who are fluent in a foreign language. Whether it's English or another foreign language, I wouldn’t be aware that she can speak a foreign language, but when she suddenly starts speaking [in a foreign language], I find her attractive. I want to speak a foreign language well, but I can’t so I’m attracted to people who can speak a foreign language these days.” Are you Dongwoo or Hoya's ideal type? (Source: