hoya 2 Infinite H singer Hoya recently revealed that speech problems almost prohibited him from becoming a singer. Appearing on KBS’ Hello, Infinite H along with 2Yoon spoke with a college student who was having trouble pronouncing ‘R/L’ sounds. Hoya somewhat shockingly went on to reveal: "When I was a trainee, I couldn’t make the ‘S’ sound.” He continued that he once overheard the staff wondering about the fate of his career with a speech impediment such as that. "I bit my lips and practiced hard for two full weeks and fixed the problem and was able to debut,” said Hoya. Then, in a rather odd suggestion, he told the boy to have his friends hit him whenever he messed up a pronunciation. Safe to say a trained professional might feel differently, but still, a very inspiring reveal from the singer. What do you think of Hoya's admission?