Due to a leg injury, Hoya was unable to fully participate during INFINITE’s recent concert in Nanjing, China. He spent most of the show seated on the side of the stage while his fellow members performed the complicated choreography that INFINITE is known to do.

During the show, INFINITE apologized that Hoya would have to sit out for most of the concert because of his leg. The audience responded with a chant of "It's okay," showing their support for Hoya as he continues to recover.

This is not the first time Hoya has had to sit out of a show. Last year he severely injured his ankle while performing on Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook, and the injury has had lasting repercussions.

It's always sad when an idol has to take a break from activities due to an injury. Throughout the show, you could tell Hoya would have loved nothing more than to perform with the rest of his group! This picture of Hoya watching the rest of the group perform "Before the Dawn" and their famous "scorpion dance" gets me right in the heart.

Despite the injury, Hoya still gave it his all during the show. He sang all his parts from the side of the stage and even joined the members for the more low-key numbers that didn't require much dancing. INFINITE H also made an appearance, where Dongwoo and Hoya performed their song "Pretty."

Hoya, fighting! Let's wish him a speedy recovery!

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