While Hoya already proved his acting skills in Answer Me 1997, he wants to show the world that he truly is more than just a K-pop idol. Here's what he has to say about working on his new drama Mask, which premieres today on DramaFever! 

In Mask, Hoya plays the troubled younger brother of a woman who is posing as a socialite in order to escape their father's debt.  Hoya revealed at a recent press conference that he wants to be respected as an actor and not just an idol. He stated, “I want to show others, as an actor and not as an idol, that I can work hard to play my character well. Please give lots of love to our drama Mask, and my character Ji Hyuk. I’m very excited to be in Mask, and it’s an honor to be a part of this with director Bu Sung Chul and writer Choi Ho Chul. I’m filming very well, thanks to the caring director and all the kind staff members.”

It appears that Hoya is accomplishing this goal, as he has impressed those working on the drama. At one point in the drama, Hoya has to pull off a bank robbery scene. A drama affiliate said of the scene, “Hoya is a rising star in both the small and big screen. He will capture the audience with his bold scenes, including the robbery scene that was recently hinted.”  

Another source stated, "The actor to look out for in this drama is Hoya in the role of Ji Hyuk, and for his very first appearance [in the drama], he comes out with a gun and leaves a strong impression. There is a secret reason for his going into a bank with a gun. This will be revealed in the first episode, so tune into the broadcast to find out.”

I know I will be tuning in to see Hoya in action! Will you?

Mask premieres on DramaFever today, May 27. You can sign up for new episode alerts by becoming a fan HERE, and you can see the extended preview below: