With his charming looks, INFINITE's L has become the muse of cosmetics brand Shara Shara. During a recent photo shoot, L was praised for his beautiful skin and anime prince good looks. The cosmetics brand hopes his beautiful face and romantic charms will appeal to women.

I’m sure it will, and I am being totally biased about this because L is in fact my INFINITE bias. It’s like if Jaejoong and Kim Bum had a baby, that baby would be L. You might say no, but then that just means you haven’t seen L the way I’ve seen L (-_-). Check out the photos below that he took during the Shara Shara photo shoot to start. He has a mysterious gaze along with pretty features like JJ, and if you’ve seen him in Shut Up Flower Boy Band then you know when he smiles, it totally looks like Kim Bum’s smile.

If you need more of L's beautiful face in your life, you can catch him playing the young version of So Ji Subs character in The Master's Sun.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE