L is King!

The Ruler: Master of the Mask star is doing such an incredible job as a stand-in king for Yoo Seung Ho's character that he received his own award. MBC DRAMANET felt his transition from pauper to royalty was so believable they gave him the title of June's Actor of the Month. Yesterday, MBC had this to say about the 25 year-old's achievement, 

"Kim Myung Soo (L's real name) has been selected as June's 'Actor of the Month.' Regardless of the fact that it was his first time acting in a historical drama, he demonstrated a calm and natural aura."

A representative added, "Although many were initially opposed to L being cast for the role, the results appear to be a rather successful one. Thanks to L, the show topped number one on viewer's rating charts."

The production team and viewers alike are impressed by his emotional portrayal of a young man torn by the affection he has for his family and first love while being bound to serve his country.

I'm in love with Lee Seon! L's acting has come such a long way since his debut year with dramas like Shut Up Flower Boy Band. I'm in awe. It's a shame that he will have to eventually give the throne back to its rightful owner, because he is doing a such a great job portraying the "puppet" king. If it weren't for the drugs the gang gave him, I think he would be an even more powerful king than the one rising up. This idol was made to star in a historicals. Congratulations to him!

What do you think about L's performance in Ruler: Master of the Mask so far?

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