Tomorrow is a big day for INFINITE, as five of its members are set to graduate from Taekyeun University, where they enrolled in 2011. Kim Sung Kyu, L, Lee Sung Yeol, Hoya, and Jang Dong Woo, will proudly receive diplomas from the University with concentrations in Applied Music—go figure. Seems they've been applying it all along!  Amidst recording and touring and the many other responsibilities that come with being famous, they've managed to attend classes and take their midterms and finals.  Taekyeung University’s professor Kim Gun Pyo commented, “We decided to award the Infinite members with the ‘Proud Taekyeung Alumni Award’ since they have raised the honor of our school.” Present at the graduation ceremony will be Sung Kyu, L, and Lee Sung Yeol. Congrats, fellas, job well done!