Another year has come and gone, and with it a whole year's worth of truly amazing Korean Dramas! As 2016 came to a close, both KBS and SBS held their annual awards ceremony as a way to pay tribute to the great works and entertainers that have brought so much joy and excitement to fans all around the world. As always, the events were star-studded affairs with some of the top names in Korean entertainment attending, however, when it was all said and done, a few moments really stood out from the rest! Keep reading to find out what brought Park Bo Gum to tears, why Song Joong Ki covered a child actress' eyes, and how Park Shin Hye showed her appreciation to the cast and crew of Doctor Crush

For those fans who thought that they could not fall in love with Park Bo Gum any more than they already had, the 2016 KBS Drama Awards most likely proved you wrong! Actor Park Bo Gum's truly inspiring humbleness and graciousness was on full display as he received the much-deserved award for Best Actor for his role in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds

Along with his heartfelt speech, Park shed touching tears of gratefulness as he humbly noted, “I took it as a great honor already that I was nominated alongside reputable seniors. I sincerely thank our beloved viewers for this award.”

Park stirringly went on to say, “It was thanks to the dependable seniors I had that I was able to wrap up the character Lee Young. I would like to thank our scriptwriter for allowing me to meet this great role. I will do my best to live an honest life so that I will always feel proud looking back to this moment.” 

At seeing his emotional speech, Park Bo Gum's close friend Song Joong Ki was also on the verge of tears as he congratulated his dear friend.

If Song Joong Ki's touching friendship with Park Bo Gum brought a smile to your face, then this next moment might just have you sighing in adoration! During the KBS Awards, Song Joong Ki was awarded the Best Asia Couple Award with actress Song Hye Kyo for their performance in the hit drama Descendants of the Sun. However, when it came time to relive some of the romance through a clip of their kissing scene from the drama, actor Song Joong Ki, in a charming and touching gesture, covered the eyes of child actress Heo Jung Eun to protect her innocence.

Although this scene was not broadcasted during the awards show, fans on sight took notice right away and posted photos of the adorable moment on social media to share with fans all around the world. 

Finally, during the SBS Drama Awards, Actress Park Shin Hye was seen taking many selfies with other actors and went on to kindly share her memories with all her followers online. However, Park's thoughtfulness truly shined when, after receiving the award for Best Actress for her role in Doctor Crush, Park left a lengthy message for the cast and crew where she took the time to thank each person individually! She went on to humbly comment that she could not forget the passion that was hotter than last year’s sweltering summer. 

(Park Shin Hye's Instagram)

Park also expressed that, “It‘s too bad Rae Won oppa, Sung Kyung and Kyoon Sang couldn’t come, but I was still very happy.”

She concluded by congratulating Kim Min Suk and Moon Ji In from Doctor Crush for also receiving awards for Best New Actors!

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