B.A.P Photo

We previously took you on an adventure with B.A.P at the MTVK studio here in NYC. Now I'll tell you what it was like at the concert! Friday May 17th the Best Buy Theater in Times Square hosted the B.A.P Live on Earth Tour. People slept on the street overnight, arrived super early in the morning, and camped out in their best B.A.P inspired outfits. The line wrapped around the block with security closely monitoring in case of line jumpers. Good thing my friend @OfficialPimpTOP and I knew a few awesome people at the front of the line who saved spots for us! Thanks guys!

B.A.P Fans

Once inside we headed to the floor and were so close to the stage! The venue is pretty small, and to be honest B.A.P needed a larger stage to really get crazy with their choreography. Unfortunately there were way too many people. I thought being pushed into the rail practically bruising my rib at the BIGBANG concert was bad, but that had nothing on the B.A.P crowd. There was so much pushing, even moving an arm was impossible. I felt like a packed sardine, it was hot, and I was paying more attention to trying to stay alive and not falling than the actual performance because that's how bad the pushing was. A girl fell in front of me and I felt bad for two seconds until she decided to fall five more times after that. Also my friend and I noticed she had no shoes on which was just adding to her stability failure. We were being sprayed with water by security, security was pouring cold water into people's mouths to keep them hydrated, and even Himchan was on stage telling the crowd to move back.

B.A.P Concert

Beyond all of the issues with the crowd, B.A.P was amazing! They looked exactly the same as they do on TV, their outfits were everything, and their performance was totally on point. If you asked me if I would go again I'd say yes, as long as the venue was larger! I was barely able to take photos, but my new friend Autumn who flew in from Canada, and @OfficialPimpTOP were able to snap some awesome pics to show you all!

B.A.P Concert 2


B.A.P Concert 15


B.A.P Concert 14

Jongup! (My Bias ^_^) B.A.P Concert 13

Daehyun B.A.P Concert 12

 HimchanB.A.P Concert 11 B.A.P Concert 10

Leader, Bang Yongguk B.A.P Concert 8

Daehyun in Leather B.A.P Concert 7

Youngjae! B.A.P Concert 6

Daehyun's neck veins B.A.P Concert 5

Leader, Bang Yongguk  B.A.P Concert 4

Zelo! B.A.P Concert 3

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE