Apparently, not being afraid of heights is a characteristic not only specific to the people of rural China, as exemplified by the fearless commuters of Yushan Village, but shared by city-dwellers as well, as seen by some snapshots of men installing an air conditioner from outside their apartments...thirty stories high!!!

The crazy thing about these photos from China, taken by a Japanese national living who was living in China at the time, is the fact that they're not of some daredevils performing a stunt for an audience, but simply of some guys installing an air conditioner. It's really no big deal, just a day in the life. What's crazy about these photos, besides the obvious height of where this stunt man, I mean repairman, is standing, is how heavy the air conditioner looks. It's not like this dude is just standing on the ledge, or walking across it, but he's installing an old-school air conditioner into an apartment. Those things are heavy!

The air conditioner was safely installed after about an hour, the tenants went back to having a working air conditioner, and one Japanese man got himself some crazy photos and a story to tell his friends back home.

"Is that a guy walking on the ledge?"

He's smoking a cigarette!

Having a little trouble...

This better fit...

Just don't look down

Super hero saves the day

Here's another one! (different photographer)

Apparently, according to the witness who took these photos, the man was having some trouble getting the air conditioner in place, and another repairman had to come out on the ledge to lend a hand.