A Taiwanese intelligence officer who ran away has now been located in the United Kingdom. She is currently seeking asylum to stay in the UK, but will she run away again to get close to her idol, Jang Geun Suk?

Thirty-three year old Lieutenant Emily Yeh is well regarded for her superb ability in the English language. She graduated from a university in the U.S. majoring in food and nutrition, and returned to Taiwan in 2010 to join the Military Intelligence Bureau. However, once she started at her job, she felt that she was not accepted by her co-workers because she was already 30-years old and was considered "old" for her job. According to Yeh, she tried to tell her superiors but did not get any support. Gradually, she felt she was not fit for military life, but she was not allowed to quit the military until she finished five years in the service.

Perhaps the most intriguing incident that occurred during her career, according to Taiwan's military spokesperson, was when Korean star Jang Guen Suk visited Taiwan and Emily took off without any notice. It turned out that she joined many fervant fans to see Jang Guen Suk at the airport and used her personal iPad to take lots of photos of Jang.

In June of 2012, she applied for a vacation leave but never returned from her vacation. Recently, she was found in Bedford, England, and is currently held in a detention facility for visa overstay. She is believed to have entered the UK under a visa-exempt travel program that allows visitors to stay for six months. She said, however, that she has been seeking political asylum.

Yeh is believed to had been living in Newport, Wales, for 18 months before she was found to be staying in the UK illegally. She was a volunteer for Oxfam and also served as an interpreter for the Welsh Refugee Council before her detention. Her friends in the UK said Emily was living with few financial resources and they helped her with food and clothing from time to time.

In a phone interview with a Taiwanese reporter, Emily admits that she's very afraid and feels depressed. She says the living environment in the detention facility is very poor. She cries a lot and was even hospitalized once for getting sick. She is her parents' only child and her father passed away when she was young. She misses her mom and feels very apologetic for having caused her mom to worry.

She says she is willing to be sent back to Taiwan, but having had the terrible experience in a detention facility, she is very scared of jails. She would be willing to do community work in exchange for punishment in Taiwan. Her case is being negotiated between Taiwan and the UK right now to determine whether and when she will be deported from the UK and be returned to Taiwan.