Getting selected as an astronaut for work on the International Space Station is no small feat. Only the best of the best get the opportunity to spend time in outer space, to conduct scientific experiments and take space walks with other qualified astronauts from around the world. To make it as an astronaut, one must be very highly qualified, with an emphasis placed on academics, physical fitness, and according to these official expedition posters from NASA, an out-of-this-world sense of humor.

The International Space Station, or ISS, is an artificial satellite that orbits the Earth, where astronauts are able to live in for an extended period of time. The space station is truly international, with five participating space agencies from around the world. Since 2001, NASA has introduced the crews in official expedition posters, in which the astronauts would all pose collectively in their space suits. No word yet on why NASA suddenly decided to change direction, but all posters up until Expedition 15 were very "official" looking, because, after all, going out into outer space is a very serious matter.

Suddenly, for Expedition 16, the astronauts were introduced dressed in costumes straight out of The Matrix. The poster itself was also designed to look like a movie poster, making the astronauts look more like characters in a science fiction film than astronauts. From there, almost every expedition poster that came out made the astronauts look like they were posing at a costume party, with themes covering films like Pirates of the Caribbean, Reservoir Dogs, and of course, Star Trek.

Expedition 1

Expedition 4

Expedition 10 (still normal)

Expedition 16 The Matrix (by future they meant of crazy posters)

Expedition 21 Star Trek

Expedition 23 Reservoir Dog Astronauts

Expedition 30 Pilots Over the Caribbean

Expedition 42's Guide to the Galaxy

Expedition 46 Jedi Masters

The poster for the current expedition, number 46, has the astronauts dressed like Jedi warriors, each of them holding a light saber in their hands with the Death Star in the background. May the force be with them.