We were lucky to snag a roundtable interview with the very tired (due to jet lag?) but very engaging K-rocker Jung Joon Young before he went onstage for the KCON 2014 concert. From questions like "Who would you switch bodies with for a day?" to "What inspired your album TEENAGER?" Jung gave his honest – and sometimes hilarious – answers to us that puts him in a unique category all on his own.

We started the interview off with a question about his upcoming cameo in Fated to Love You. Since it was a small role, he had a lot of fun filming his cameo because he didn't have to take it very seriously. He wasn't part of the main cast, so there was nothing burdensome or heavy about taking on the role. Jung spends most of his time on variety shows as well, including 2 Days 1 Night. When asked what the most memorable moment in the show was for him, he admitted that going home early after playing a Spin the Wheel game was probably the best moment in his life. We'd have to agree if the game determined whether he could go home and sleep or if he had to sleep in a tent out on the streets. (Check out episode 42 for more on this moment!) And as for his favorite hyung? Looks like Jung Joon Young switches it up based on his feelings every so often, so his favorite one that day was Defconn.

Jung is also not your average K-pop star. He wrote and composed all the songs on his second album TEENAGER based on his own real-life experiences and feelings, providing a raw and honest voice in the alternative rock genre. He acknowledged that there are a lot of rock musicians in Korea, but they unfortunately don't get the recognition that mainstream pop artists do, and so there aren't as many visible in the public eye. He does hope that can change one day in the future, and with his rock album being a hit as soon as it was released, it's likely he could help be at the forefront of that change. (And while we're on the topic, his favorite guitar is a custom-made Gibson guitar.)

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Jung Joon Young was also excited to be in L.A. as his favorite video game is Grand Theft Auto, and the game's close depiction of downtown L.A. has made the foreign city feel that much more familiar to him. The only difference is that the K-town in the game versus the real K-town are very different. He was happy to see that he had so many fans in the U.S. as he didn't even know he had any, and seeing them wait in line in the heat to see him perform made him that much more thankful for them.

And finally we got to the fun question: "If you could switch bodies with someone for a day, who would it be and why?" Jung replied, "I want to live in a woman's body [for a day so I could] touch my body. I'm kidding." Whoa! We almost hope you are, though we can't fault you for being a tad curious? Well, ladies, what would you do if you could switch bodies with Jung Joon Young for a day?

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