2013022601001562300134151 Those following the Park Shi Hoo indictment may be confused by the reference below to "B." Previously, a person described as Park Shi Hoo's friend had been described as "Person B," but is now known by his surname, Kim. The person referred to as "B" below is a different person, who claims to be friends with the alleged victim of sexual assault, "Trainee A." Trainee A’s (who recently filed a lawsuit against actor Park Shi Hoo for sexual assault) close friend, “B’s” testimony has those following the case in shock, raising the possibility of the assault being premeditated. In an exclusive interview with ILYOSEOUL on the 25th, “B” described the events that were allegedly carried out on the 15th. “B” also confirmed that they were brought in as a witness to verify details on trainee A including her usual alcohol tolerance level. “B,” who was upset over Trainee A being accused of being a gold digger, said in the interview that “[Trainee A] is not very close friends with Park’s friend Kim, and that they had only met once prior at a bar. Initially Kim and [Trainee A] met at a café but Kim said he would invite Park so suggested they go to a bar.” “B” said that “Park and Kim did not drink at the bar and only made [Trainee A] drink. [Trainee A] said that she only had about a bottle of soju but that usually does not get her drunk.” Trainee A allegedly texted her parents as she was leaving the bar that she would “be home soon” but lost consciousness once she got in the car. “[Trainee A] also said that she felt unusually hazy,” raising suspicions of drug involvement. “B” added that “Police said the security camera footage from the parking garage of Park’s home showed Park wearing a mask and cap over his head. There’s no explanation for that unless everything was premeditated.” “B” also stated that “[Trainee A] said by the time she woke up the next morning Park was in the mist of engaging in sexual activity with her and was even wearing a condom,” and that “Kim entered the room while Park and Trainee A were engaged in sexual activity and groped Trainee A, who was completely unclothed.” “B” added that they had exchanged text messages with Trainee A the same day day and she had wrote “What do I do now? What happened last night?” rather than the usual “Hi.” Trainee A, who was in a state of shock, told “B” details of the night as she called her friend “in tears. I felt so bad for her I comforted her over the phone” and explained “[Trainee A] proceeded to move forward with the lawsuit with the help of her parents.” It was also reported that while “B” was concerned for how the interview would reflect on Park, they could no longer stand by quietly and watch Trainee A being accused of being a gold digger. B stated “If she wanted money, why would she have gone to the police the very next day? I’m speechless to hear them say no actions were forced.” Presently, Trainee A has been examined by a gynecologist, while blood and urine samples have been sent to National Forensics for further testing. Following the incident, Trainee A is currently receiving treatment at home and resting. Meanwhile Park, who is denying all allegations, declined the summons to appear for questioning two hours prior to the previously confirmed 7PM time on the 24th. Legal responsibilities were also shifted from Hwawoo Law to Purme Law, who had requested all investigation duties be taken on by Gangnam Police Department rather than the Western Seoul Police Department. In a press release released on the 25th, Purme stated that “based on our observation of the unfolding of events, details of the case have been reported by the media ‘practically live,’ at times untrue, and raised concern of its influence on the investigation. According to Purme, The Western Seoul Police Department not only violated an individual’s right to privacy, but also shared confidential details of an investigation with the media. For these reasons, “In an effort to actively prevent this from continuing, Park shifted legal responsibilities and a formal request for the investigation to be transferred to a different station was submitted.” [Source: Sports.Chosun.com]