Most people know what sort of experience they’re in for when they pay for admission to The Hangover: Part II, and it’s definitely not a drama, a romance, or a humdrum slice of life - it's the bachelor party from hell. Jamie Chung does what she can, playing the beautiful bride Lauren to Ed Helms’ endearing everyman Stu, to keep us grounded in reality. If only for a moment. Since the short time between Jamie Chung’s departure from Real World San Diego, she’s nabbed herself an impressive mix of supporting roles. Along the way, she’s already played the lead role in ABC Family’s Samurai Girl mini-series, and most recently, we’ve seen her kicking ass and taking names in Sucker Punch. DramaFever caught up with Chung to talk about her pamper-and-swathe preparations for the role, as well as her time in Thailand with her co-stars. Don’t be fooled, not all that is celluloid is artifice: that sweet, relaxed and generally chill demeanor is legit both on and off screen. From guns and grit to roses and rings: For Sucker Punch, I was working my ass for like 6 months, training hard, you know, really getting in it, elbows deep, just getting dirty and working out and then dancing, then gun training and flight school — it was just all over the place. And for this, it was like, “Oh, I’m being flown out. Like my real wedding.” I was pampered, and the most expensive thing I had to do was go to multiple gown fittings, you know? It was torture. We are family, I got all my cast mates with me, get up everybody and sing: It was a good dynamic. The people that played my family are actually very famous actors from Thailand. The man who played my father (Nirut Sirijanya) is the Chow Yun-fat of Thailand. Very, very humble. He has this huge strawberry farm in central Thailand, and he brought down all these strawberries to the cast and the crew. It was a really chill dynamic. It was not stressful at all. You can’t be all wound up: you’re on this beautiful beach, you’re on this beautiful resort. It really felt like we were gearing up to celebrate two people marrying off. It was quite peaceful. You know, besides the fact that there is a boat that crashed the wedding. [caption id="attachment_53723" align="alignright" width="400" caption="Jamie Chung in The Hangover Part II"][/caption] In case you haven’t heard, Teddy (Mason Lee) is Ang Lee’s real life son: He’s a very talented actor, and he takes his craft so seriously. He studies at the drama school at NYU, and he took time off from school to do the film. As an exercise he literally locked himself in a bathroom all weekend just to see how it would actually feel like to be locked in an elevator for twenty-four hours. That’s how dedicated he is. And for my part, I got multiple massages, I got my hair done… Ladies prowling in the pack and comedy for all: C’mon, look at Bridesmaids. It’s got so many good reviews, and everyone is so hyped to see it. Yeah, of course, it’s the kind of movie where the girlfriend’s going to have to drag the guy, but the guy will be thanking the girlfriend after the movie because it’s a group of funny women. So, I would have to say yeah, I think women are just as capable of being funny. With The Hangover, I feel it’s not gender specific: it’s really geared towards everyone. I mean, you have old people and young people sneaking in — even though they’re not supposed to see this movie. People fell in love with Stu and [Alan] and the other characters, so I really feel like it’s them that make the funny. There’s really something intriguing about [the actors’] chemistry. You know you love your job when it doesn’t feel like a job. In this case, a vacation: I did spend three weeks on this beautiful resort. We flew into Bangkok, and then took a flight from Bangkok to Krabi, so I didn’t really get to spend much time in Bangkok. I had been there before, but you know, it’s so nice. [caption id="attachment_53722" align="alignright" width="400" caption="Jamie Chung as Samurai Girl"][/caption] I was alone on this trip, but [the actors] took me out. They rented a boat, and I have to say the coolest day was when we went rock climbing, and then we went swimming in the ocean. It was one of the most perfect, picturesque days where the sun was setting, and behind us was the cave for the penis shrine (Chao Mae Tuptim), which is a place to pray for fertility, and the beach was amazing. There were monkeys running around everywhere, it really was such an adventure. I would say being on set with the guys, it was a pleasure, but it was really about the leisure activities that we got to do with each other that was really fun. Sometimes those finicky hangovers just come in threes: I really hope [for a third movie], but it really depends on whether or not… actually, I don’t know. I’m sure they’ll think of something crazy, maybe Amsterdam! I have no idea. They’ve really covered the two most popular places in the world where exciting things happen. So, I don’t know where else they can possibly go next, but anything is possible. If fans want it, and the guys want to do it, I’m sure there will be a third one. Oh hell yeah, I’m in — I’m in like Flynn!