As the girls of K-pop band AOA (Ace of Angels) made their way to Singapore for the Sundown Festival, we sat down with them and had a little chat!

1. This comeback AoA presented a whole new image to the fans. Are there anymore sides of yourself you would like to show fans in the future?

We've shown a lot before, but we believe that we still have a lot more to show. "Confused" was a sexy concept but we're preparing for a more mature sexy, so please look forward to our next concept.

2. Have you tried the food in Singapore? If so, which food do you like the most?

Chili Crab!

3. It's been a while since your debut. If you had to describe your journey from your debut till now in one word, what would it be?

"I.N.G." as it's still going on.

4. 2012 was a competitive year for rookies, but AoA came out successful. How did you distinguish yourselves from the competition last year?

We had our struggles internally, but it actually helped us become who we are now and paint a strong graphic group. We actually have the time in between where we were able to look back on us and we made a different concept for "Moya" and "Confused" and I think the audience liked it even better. So I think because of the times we've had so far, we were able to manage.

5. Do you have any message for your Singaporean fans?

Singapore is a very special country to us. It's beautiful and we love it. For tomorrow, we're actually preparing for the band and the dance, so please look forward to our performance and please invite us again next time.

Watch the interview here!

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