Korean girl group Crayon Pop might just be the next Psy with their latest hit"Bar, Bar, Bar." This super cute video is quirky and colorful, with fun dance steps and a cheerleader-like quality. The song itself is catchy and has that 80s B52 alternative vibe going on. Believe me, it's "cute," but not in an overly annoying, hurling rainbows and stars type of way. It's appealing in the way that you'd actually want to listen to it and even copy their outfits for Halloween.

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crayon pop


For some strange reason, I really love their outfits which consist of track suits, helmets, and tennis wear. I also find it funny how in certain scenes they're dancing in front of a wall mural paying tribute to a few people including Michael Jackson. It's like these little dancing girls in helmets and then SURPRISE MJ from his Bad days!


Their video below already has over a million views on YouTube, and the girls have even released a dance tutorial so you can dance right along with them!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE