DramaFever is happy to introduce a brand new way to show your love for your favorite actors and Kpop stars! Our new Actor Pages give you an inside look at the stars you love, and are a great place for DramaFever fans to share photos and talk about the latest news. Let's take a look!

Each actor page features a big, bright photo of the actor. Here you can become a fan and learn crucial details that give you insight into the personality of your favorites. In the three circles inside the info box, you'll find the star's zodiac signs (Western and Chinese), and their blood type, which is considered a very revealing indicator in some circles!

Next, you'll find a brief biography of the star, complete with filmography, and links to DramaFever series where you can watch them right now!

In the Discussion tab, you can start a conversation with other DramaFever fans, or just leave a love note to the star! Now let's move on to the Photos tab:

Here you can see, share and talk about photos from all over the web. Want to add your favorite pic? It's easy! Just drop the photo into this space, right on the website:

Click on any photo to get a better view, and make sure to leave a comment! This is a great way for the DramaFever community to get to know each other. Make a DramaFever friend today!

We hope you enjoy using the new DramaFever Actor Pages. We have a lot more in store for you! Are there improvements or features you'd like to see? Let us know in the comments below!