Prince of Lan Ling is a new drama that fuses historical facts with fantasy to tell the story of Gao Chang Gon, Prince of Lan Ling, one of the three most beautiful men documented in the long history of ancient China. The prince has a surprise meeting with, and develops a deep love for, a divine sorceress, Yang Xue Wu, who is determined to save the Prince from a cruel fate.

DramaFever's newest historical drama series, Prince of Lan Ling, is a lavish historical romance jointly produced by teams from both Taiwan and mainland China in 2013, and starring leading actors from different Chinese-speaking areas: Feng Shao Feng (Prince of Lan Ling), Airel Lin (Yang Xue Wu), Daniel Chan (King of Northern Zhou), and George Hu (Prince of An De).

In historical accounts, the Prince of Lan Ling was said to be so handsome that his beauty rivaled the most beautiful women, and that he had to hide his face under a gruesome mask during battles. Although he was loyal and fought many fierce battles for the King of Northern Qi , he was regarded with jealousy by the crown prince who would eventually become King and try to harm the Prince of Lan Ling. In the meantime, their kingdom was under siege by the ambitious King of Northern Zhou.

Xue Wu (meaning Snow Dance) was a young girl who grew up in a remote mountain village not knowing her heritage as a divine sorceress. Her grandmother, the last official Divine Sorceress, refused to train Xue Wu as a sorceress, believing it would bring her bad luck. Nevertheless, Xue Wu dreamed of a mysterious hero who would save the country from destruction and became determined to help him.

These two lovers from opposite worlds meet under a most extraordinary circumstance, and their romance eventually changes history. You will be enthralled by their love, laughter, and tears while you join them on a fantastically-woven journey of everlasting love.

The following is the trailer for the Prince of Lan Ling:

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