A new Taiwanese drama, "In a Good Way," has just started showing on DramaFever. The story starts with four young people meeting in 1995 and develops into an intricate love story. The drama is filled with nostalgic images of college life starring four new up-and-coming Taiwanese actors.

Jia En (Kirsten Ren) decides to follow her childhood friend Ren Wei (Jay Shi) to Taipei. Unfortunately, she is not able to enter a university and needs to study for the college exam again. In a hilarious, but also memorable encounter, she meets campus heartthrob Liu Chuan (Lego Lee ) and becomes his friend under very unusual circumstances.

Ren Wei (Jay Shi) grew up in the countryside and dreamed of a life of freedom in the big city of Taipei. He thought of Jia En as a sister he grew up with and never noticed her interest in him. He sees Bai Xue (Smile Weng) and is instantly attracted by her natural elegance and beauty.

Liu Chuan (Lego Lee) is the athletic and popular hunk that every girl desires on campus. Underneath the handsome facade, he actually is sensitive and seems to harbor a secret. He notices Jia En in her hour of need and gives her shelter. He also has a dog named Momo living with him in the dorm.

Bai Xue (Smile Weng) is considered the prettiest girl of their university with a nickname of Snow White, but she only has eyes for Liu Chuan. Will Ren Wei (Jay Shi) be able to get her attention?

So far the story is sweet with college students learning more about life on campus in the big city. Viewers will enjoy a nice blend of comedic touches in a romantic drama. I really got a good laugh from Jia En and Liu Chuan's bedroom and bathroom scenes. It also has many outdoor scenes that makes the traveler in me want to visit Taiwan soon. One particular scene, where Jia En and Liu Chuan watch the sunrise from a beach, was filmed after the actors waited six hours for the sun to rise. No special effects; just the real sunrise. That's really amazing and touching.

How will these four young people's story develop? Stay tuned. "In a Good Way" is on-air in Taiwan, and DramaFever will present a new episode each weekend. (I for one would love to see more of Lego Lee.)