[caption id="attachment_16935" align="alignleft" width="389" caption="Lee Seung Gi in My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho"][/caption] Lee Seung Gi took time out from filming My Girlfriend is a Gumiho to surprise his Twitter followers by introducing them to the centuries-old new woman in his life, Shin Min Ah. Born around 1400 (but who's counting?), Shin's character will creep out her boyfriend when the Hong Sisters' latest lands August 11th. And if you're still curious about Gumiho, check out the latest stills from the show--looks like a fun mix of horror (something about the coloring seems very horror movie to me) and goofy comedy. Nichkhun will cameo on the sitcom More Charming By the Day next week--word is he plays a young man from Thailand with a major case of drama fever, gushing over Kdramas and doing a pretty good satire of hammy acting. A new report says that the Hallyu wave in Japan is taking a different shape these days, with less people tuning in to Korean dramas, and more (and younger) consumers being attracted to idol bands. The article notes the failure of the recent transplant IRIS, but wasn't that show's poor ratings due to it being butchered by the network with bad dubbing and drastic editing? Oguri Shun has arrived in Seoul to appear at a film festival showing his directorial debut Surely Sunday. Check out photos of the man in the denim onesie right here. Finally, everyone who follows drama news for any amount of time knows how prevalent false casting rumors are. Ever wondered why so much "news" turns out to be just wishful thinking? Take a look at this article for some reasons. Predictably, false casting rumors can be started by the production company or an actor's agency to stir up excitement and popular support for a certain drama-actor combo. And sometimes the press just invents the story out of thin air!