It's no secret that in Japan, Kit Kats are a huge hit. The delicious chocolate based treat comes in many flavors and is as ubiquitous as air. But the company has taken an even bigger step towards creating the ultimate candy that just about anybody could love. Kit Kat has released a new flavor called "Yaki Cream Cheese," and "yaki" is Japanese for "baked."

Of course this is an entirely genius idea, and we're so glad that the new treat comes in neat little Kit Kat pouches that let you devour the candy quiet easily.

Before we show you more of the tasty new candy, here are some of the standard cream cheese Kit Kats.

The big reveal! The new baked ones are on the right.

Yum! Baked Kit Kats with a toasty brown outer shell and an inside that's nothing but soft and flavorful goodness!

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