Want your soy sauce hot? Try the new official Tabasco soy sauce, Spicy Shoyu!

Soy sauce and Tabasco mixed together sounds so delicious. I guess you could just pour some soy sauce for yourself and mix Tabasco in it, but this new collaboration between Shoda Shoyu of Japan and Tabasco maker McIlhenny is sure to be the perfect flavor. Personally, I love soy sauce; can't live without it. And Tabasco, I always have a little bottle in my fridge. If I had Spicy Shoyu, I would put it on just about anything! It's recommended for adding just a little extra spiciness to meat dishes, eggs, avocados...whatever! "Hot yet mild, a light spiciness." Amazing.

You would think that Spicy Shoyu would be sold in convenience stores and supermarkets all over Japan, but it's still available only by calling Shoda Shoyu or ordering it online and at certain truck stops on highways in Gunma Prefecture where Shoda Shoyu's headquarters are. A 150ml bottle goes for 200yen, or around 2 dollars.

I'm drooling like Homer Simpson.

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