If you thought the ramen burger or ramen taco looked good, then the new ramen noodle grilled cheese sandwich will look absolutely to die for!

Nick Chipman over at Dude Foods came up with this magical creation. His basic instructions on making it are,

1. Cook ramen according to package. Drain the noodles and let them cool.

2. Mix in one egg.

3. Spread noodles out onto cutting board a half inch thick. Cut two bread sized pieces and place them on wax paper. Refrigerate for 20 minutes.

4. Fry the noodles for a few minutes on one side each. Add cheese and put the ramen bread together. Fry them like you would regular grilled cheese sandwiches.

Nick says that the finished ramen grilled cheese ended up having nice and crispy noodle on the outside with soft noodles on the inside. The cheese filled in all the nooks and crannies making it even more delicious.


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Who's down for a creative ramen cooking night where we make all three creations?