The reign of IOI is almost over. Produce 101's project group plans to go their separate ways at the end of the month. The rookie group, which includes trainees from different talent agencies, have been living the idol dream by releasing popular tunes and traveling the world the past year. Yesterday, the agency behind IOI broke the news to the media that January 22 will be their last performance together.

"Currently, the members of IOI are immersed in practice for the Golden Disk and their concert. Aside from the award ceremony schedule, the concert will be the only time for the girls to gather all together." 

The YMC Entertainment representative added, "As for the management, already each member's agency is in charge of that and monitoring that. Honestly, it seems like this Time Slip concert will be the last stage the members will stand on together."

It's a sad day for the IOI fandom. Music lovers only have days to see their girls as one group. Over the past several months, member Jeon Somi was promoted as the group's number one beauty, but we were introduced to the equally adorable Jung Chae Yeon in Let's Drink last fall. With nine more lovely ladies going after their dreams, whose career will you be following after they disband? Which member is your girl crush?


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Source: Via/Image Credit IOI on Facebook