We already know Lee Da Hae is such a good shot it strikes fear into Jang Hyuk—but in these just-released IRIS 2 character posters, we can really see how intimidating she is! In the action-packed espionage drama, the sharp-shooting actress plays an Olympic medal winner who uses her shooting skills to become a sniper spy. Lee Beom Soo's character, formerly a spy from North Korea, looks a little scared of her too. Oh Yun Soo, playing the new deputy director of the NSS, the spy organization of which Jang Hyuk is the leader, appears here without a gun—but with that piercing stare, she doesn't need one. Yoon Doo Joon, Im Soo Hyang, and Lee Joon round out the cast, with the Most Compelling Backstory Award going to Im Soo Hyang, who plays the little sister of a North Korean spy in the original IRIS (played by Kim So Yeon). A link between the two series, she's going to be one to watch as this new series unfolds! Maybe it's the obvious choice, but after hearing about her marksmanship and then seeing this poster, I'm still pretty taken with Lee Da Hae. Who's your favorite?