A theater in Nagoya, Japan will screen Iron Man 3 as its first film with Fourth Dimension Effects on April 26th. The theater, operated by Korona World Chain, will also screen 12 titles a year in the 4DX format. The movie will be shown with moving seats and effects of wind, fog and smell through technology to make the viewers' experience feel real. The US is expected to bring in 4DX this year with CJ Group, a Korean company, behind the system.


The first movie to be shown in 4DX in Korea was Avatar in 2009. The 4DX is already in use in China, Russia, Thailand, Mexico, Israel and a few other countries in South America. CJ Group has been reported to bring 4DX to the US, and is equipping 200 theaters over the next five years.

(Source: www.hollywoodreporter.com)