Most of us love delicious food, but some people either just don't care, or they're not so cuisine-inclined, so-to-speak. A new website in Japan allows these people to do like foodies do, except the photos they share are meant to look not so yummy.

Sharing photos of yummy food online is something we have all done at one time or another. "Looks delicious!" and "I want some!" are the types of comments we're used to seeing. But at, (meshimazu literally means bad-tasting meal) you can upload a photo of food that doesn't look tasty, and people can approve the grossness with a gagging icon. Of course, the more gagging hits you get, the more people approve of your lack of cuisine sensibilities.

The website is free to join, no registration necessary. If you want to make yourself feel better about your cooking skills, check out some of the photos. You'll definitely appreciate whatever you have for lunch today.

DOES NOT even look like curry udon.

Too green curry

Watermelon ramen?

Strawberry rice

Miss Downton Abbey? Watch a talented young seamstress become a spy to help England fight the Nazis before WWII.

Spaghetti napolitana and pork cutlet over fried rice

Blue soup ramen in Shinagawa (Tokyo)