Recently, in the Taiwanese drama, Just You, Liang Liang (Puff Guo) courageously declared her love for Qi Yi (Aaron Yon) in a tense moment. The behind-the-scenes photos give us a big clue as to whether we are going to get a passionate kiss from Aaron Yan and a happy ending in the finale.

Just You has captured many viewers' hearts with its sweet drama of entangled office romance. The patient viewers have finally seen the two leads confess their love. The drama has had its twists and turns, and when Liang Liang stood up to counter Jia Yu's rant, everyone cheered!

For the final episode, check out Aaron Yan and Puff Guo's bed scenes. Puff had a cold and was trying not to pass it on to Aaron. She said she wouldn't even look at Aaron, and Aaron wondered if looking could be contagious. Puff kept bursting out into laughter as they rolled around while Aaron was trying to hold her down, and they had numerous NGs.

Eventually they finished filming, and Puff named Aaron a "Good Kisser"! Let's watch episode 21 and see if we agree.