Singer Baek Ji Young recently revealed that she and actor Jung Suk Won (Dr. Champ) have been dating for 8 months. However, on a recent episode of KBS's Happy Togeter, she revealed that her ideal man is BIG BANG'S T.O.P (19). She also stated that "I pay attention to T.O.P and he is currently my ideal type."


Jung Suk Won

Girl, I do not blame you for fantasizing about T.O.P because I know we all do! But honey, you already got a man-a fine one at that. I would be spending ALL my energy trying to make a T.O.P and Jung Suk Won Manwich happen! If not, try to alternate them. Who would you choose, T.O.P or Jung Suk Won? If y'all really want to know and gonna twist my arms....I would choose....T.O.P~ sigh. Watch Jung Sung Kwon and T.O.P on DramaFever and dream of your own Manwich now! Source: Nate