Barefoot Friends On June 16 broadcasting of Barefoot Friends, members were seen going on a trip to Jiri Mountain. The members had time to talk while sitting around the flatbed in front of a traditional Korean house. They also went around the village to get food to prepare dinner. On this particular broadcast, not only the format but the cast with Yoon Jong Shin and Lee Hyori were the same as SBS's Family Outing, and it was as if one was watching the same program. The second half of Barefoot Friends resembled 2 Days & 1 Night. In it, Kang Ho Dong entered the waterfall, which was a perfect match with what he did on 2 Days & 1 Night. The look of him roaring out “fighting” in the water was also the same. Barefoot Friends threw away their initial plan of experiencing life overseas, and making a U-turn to focus on the domestic experience. With this change, the show is much less unique. Furthermore, many already believe that Family Outing and 2 Days & 1 Night are the same, so channels are already pretty crowded with similar shows. Additionally, there are more on the way, as word is spreading that another similar program is being filmed with producer Jang Hyuk Jae (producer of Family Outing and Barefoot Friends). One broadcasting representative stated, “The filming location and format are quite similar to Family Outing and Season one and two of Days & 1 Night. If a differentiation is not made, it won’t be able to surpass Dad! Where Are You Going?, which is airing simultaneously.” According to Nielsen Korea, viewership for Dad! Where Are You Going? is 15.1% while Barefoot Friends is 4.6%. (source: nate news)