Actor Choi Jin Hyuk, who recently played the role of Wol Ryung in Gu Family Book, will be taking on the new role of Kim Won, the older half-brother of Lee Min Ho’s character in the upcoming Kdrama, Heirs. Everyone is losing their minds over the Heirs cast because all the guys are so hot, but is Choi Jin Hyuk really that hot?

Now I’m not being a hater, I think he’s good looking and I would for sure push you right out of the way to introduce myself to him first, but I think he’s hotter as a mythical creature.

Remember back when Lord of the Rings came out and Orlando Bloom was actually relevant? Everyone was like “O.M.G Orlando Bloom is so hot!” At the time, this dude was in full costume with long blond hair extensions and elf ears, projecting the aura of a mythical being. Now that Legolas is old news and OB took on “human” roles, um where is he? See what I’m getting at?

Choi Jin Hyuk was in other dramas before Gu Family Book, but girls weren’t throwin' panties and making fan fictions until he showed up as Kangchi's sexy Gumiho daddy with that perfect bang/fringe covering his glowing eyes (-_-). All I’m wondering is, will you still find him just as hot and sexy looking as a normal person, with a normal hairstyle, doing normal things that don’t include making an entire forest tremble? You just might, but you also may be like me and end up thinking “if only he kept the long hair.”

The only way you’re going to know for sure if Choi Jin Hyuk is really hot, Gumiho or not, is by watching Heirs when it premieres. Make sure to set your new episode alert HERE so you never miss an episode!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE