Big Sun has found her Master, and it's not So Ji Sub! This stunning news is creating buzz among fans of The Master's Sun. We all thought Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub were on their way to become a real-life couple due to their extreme chemistry both on and off screen. It's been confirmed that Gong Hyo Jin is dating another handsome hunk, Lee Jin Wook, star of popular drama, Nine:Nine Time Travels. And the Big Apple apparently played matchmaker.

Gong and Lee recently attended a friend's wedding in Seoul. Eyewitnesses said that the couple behaved like a pair of lovebirds deeply in love with each other. They certainly are quite a good match. She is 34 and 172-cm tall, and he is 33 and 182-cm tall. They both had been models and have common interest in the fashion industry. Apparently love was in the air when they met at the Korean film festival night held in New York last November.

An insider says since they are both experienced celebrities, they are taking great care to treat their relationship with affection and sincerity while protecting their privacy. They are also cautious about how they date by only meeting at night or in private places. Gong even wears a mask to stay undercover.

Once the story came out and caused a sensation among fans, Lee's agency, Will Entertainment, confirmed and said that the couple 'recently started dating after being friends,' and that they are at the stage of understanding and learning about each other further. Gong's agency, Soop Entertainment, also confirmed that they are dating.

Although many fans are disappointed that the Master's Sun stars did not become a real-life couple, they are also happy for Gong Hyo Jin and say that the Big Sun has found her own Master, alluding to the nickname her character had in the very popular drama.

Gong's next drama series isIt's Okay, That's love, which also stars Jo In Sung and will start broadcasting in July. Lee's movie The Target is currently showing, and he will next star in a drama series, The Three Musketeers, as Crown Prince Sohyeon.