Gong Yoo chronicled his milestones as South Korea’s leading actor during conversations with Anna Coren of CNN Talk Asia. We’ve teased about the Goblin star on CNN. Now that three of the four episodes are out, we’ve highlighted the interview including his inspiration, reluctant fame, and favorite roles.

When CNN’s Anna Coren asks, “Are you a good kisser?” Gong Yoo says, raising his eyebrows, “Who knows?” followed by a chuckle. This humble actor believes the heartthrob image is not in himself but in his characters. When Coren says, “All these women fell in love with your character,” Gong Yoo replies, “Yeah, character. It’s not me.”

We’ve parsed Gong Yoo’s words from CNN Talk Asia, the first western outlet to interview him. Below is the result.

On fame

“(Acting) is a job that gives people fantasies but also creates prejudices. These prejudices are the scariest things. People judge your personal life or your image, and it can affect the characters I play. Therefore I try not to showcase my personal life too much.”

On Goblin

“I don’t know why (it was such a success) … when I think about why this drama was so beloved, at least in Korea, it is the story that goes beyond human to human relationships and love.”

“I think the public thought it was fresh. For example, it might be similar to the movie Twilight where a vampire fell in love with a weak human girl.“

On Hallyu

“More importantly, rather than me gaining international recognition, I'm proud that these creative projects from Korea are getting recognized and being loved. It makes me want to do more. Hollywood is amazing. France (speaking of the Cannes) is amazing. But I'm a Korean actor after all.”

Watch the collection of the first three interviews below. The fourth and last of the installment airs on June 25.

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