KBS‘s latest hit drama Producer is being praised for its realistic portrayal of what goes on behind the scenes on Korean variety shows. But there has been some speculation about just how true to life the show is.

IU in particular is being praised for her portrayal of a cold and jaded young singer named Cindy who bosses around her meek manager and keeps herself closed off from everyone. With her realistic portrayal, there is now much speculation that IU's character Cindy is more like her than fans originally thought, especially when it comes to her relationship with her manager.

Although IU said that she is similar to Cindy, according to Park Jun Hyun, IU's real-life manager, his relationship with IU is nothing like the fictional relationship between Cindy and her manager. He says, “It seems like they’re portraying it comically for the drama. I’ve been enjoying watching the show.”

Loen Entertainment's Park Jung Hyun has been IU’s manager ever since she debuted. “IU is a friendly person, and she’s worked for a long time together with the staff that surround her,” he comments. “She’s never ordered people around like Cindy in the show.”

There is one scene in particular in the first episode of Producer where IU’s character tells her manager that he is breathing too loudly and needs to leave the room. He quickly apologizes and hurries out of the room. In response to this scene, IU’s manager says, “It made me laugh because it was so funny” and adds that it was obviously an extreme construction of the pop star-manager relationship for the purposes of the drama.

Lastly, he says, “Since IU debuted, she’s never had a change of manager, and her stylists and hair and makeup artists have remained the same.”

It has been reported in the past that IU has a great relationship with her manager Park Jun Hyun, who has been nicknamed by IU fans as "The Squirrel Manager" thanks to his good looks and tall height. In fact, a few years ago, photos were released showing the star and her manager having fun and enjoying each other's company. After working closely for so many years, it's great to see that they still have a great relationship!

What do you think of fans' speculations about IU's real persona? If you ask me, I think it just shows how wonderful an actress IU really is! There's no doubt that there may be some Korean stars who are Ice Queens in real-life, but based on what her manager said, I doubt IU is that kind of star. If her portrayal of the icy pop star Cindy has people talking like that, it just shows that IU is doing a great job.

You can watch her in Producer below: