jangokjung2 KARA's Han Seung Yun discusses the rumors of her being Kim Tae Hee's doppleganger. On MBC Section TV Entertainment News on the 21st, reporters went behind-the-scenes for the photoshoot of Lee Min Ki, Han Seung Yun, and Kang Ji Young and got to the bottom of the comparisons. When asked if she knew about netizens commenting that she reminded them of the actress Kim Tae Hee, she answered, flustered, "When I'm standing next to goddess Kim Tae Hee, I become a squid. I get really nervous." Meanwhile, Kim Tae Hee and Han Seung Yun are currently acting side-by-side on the new hit drama series, Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love. Can Han Seung Yun pull off Kim Tae Hee's doppleganger? How do the two compare? (Source: http://www.news.nate.com)