A controversial new law on "overexposure" has been passed during the first cabinet meeting of the recently elected South Korean President Park Geun Hye. The law goes into effect on March 22 and imposes a 50,000 KRW (US$45) fine on those found guilty of “excessive” public exposure. snsd2010koreanwaveredcarpetpictures28229 The decree states that individuals can be fined for nudity or indecent exposure. “If their indecent exposure provokes shameful feelings and discomfort to others, they can be fined 50,000 won,” said police in a statement. However, there has not been any further official elaboration on the subject, eliciting confusion from citizens. Many have raised concerns that the new law hearkens back to similar restrictions imposed by Park Chung Hee (President Park's late father) in the 1970s, which outlawed skirts ending 20 centimeters above the knee. dalshabet The internet has been abuzz with commotion, with many celebrities taking to social media to voice their dismay. "Is the overexposure fine for real? I'm so dead," tweeted Lee Hyori, to which actress Park Jin Hee responded incredulously, "A fine?? Really?????!!!!! @_@;;;;" Other netizens have wondered if they could still wear swimwear, and still others wonder if police will begin to carry rulers. banonminiskirt Our question is...what will happen to K-pop? Idol groups like SNSD, Dal Shabet, and T-ARA are notorious for their sexy get-ups. Could this be the end of an entire industry?! What do you think? Has K-pop been going overboard with the outfits lately? And will the new decree be helpful or harmful? (source: cnn.com)