Ever since the popular singer-actor and former EXO member Lu Han shocked his fans last year by acknowledging his real-life dating relationship with his Sweet Combat leading lady Guan Xiao Tong, the young star couple have been under tabloid news' scrutiny to watch for breakup signs. So what's been going on?

Even as Sweet Combat premiered last month, there were reports about the couple not spending time together, or that Guan Xiao Tong was spotted not wearing her couple ring and couple watch that match those of Lu Han's.

The latest news, however, is that they are still very much into each other!

A Chinese fan posted, on August 2, that the couple were seen.riding a high-speed train together. Apparently, Guan Xiao Tong was tagging along with Luhan for his work. As Luhan had previously revealed his fear of heights and flying, it's touching to find that his girlfriend was with him for the train ride.

Then, on August 8, they couple were spotted in Japan.

The date instantly caught fans' imagination because Chinese Valentine's Day, or the 7th day of the 7th month by the lunar calendar, is coming up on August 17. It's immediately reported that the couple were celebrating an early Valentine's Day.

It's true that Luhan risked hurting his fandom when he announced the surprising dating news, but many fans are now very supportive of the couple and don't want to see the young stars hurt by extreme scrutiny of their every movement.

We don't know how Luhan and Guan Xiao Tong originally met in real life, but news has it that they share a common interest in online gaming.

In Sweet Combat, however, their characters met by chance and definitely did not see eye to eye, even when they found themselves as classmates on college campus.

Guan Xiao Tong plays a wealthy heiress who wants to find her own path in life, not by doing the bidding of her controlling family patriach. One of her "rebellious" ways, as her grandfather would call it, is by fighting in and winning Mixed Martial Arts championships.

In somewhat of a reverse-Cinderella theme, Luhan's character's is a poor but hard working guy who is raising two younger siblings by himself without their parents.

Let's wish the best for the young couple, while we drama viewers continue to enjoy seeing their fun chemistry on screen.


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